Oil Skimmers

Waste water treatment these days is being mechanized to a larger extent. This creates need for automated oil skimming also, once it has been physically separated within the oil and grease traps or de-emulsification tanks. Using oil skimmer, the free- floating oil can be easily transferred into drums or other recipient places from where it can be taken for ultimate disposal or recycling, whatever the need of the organization is. This mechanism comes either in stand alone form or with a basket screen following by an oil skimming tank to aid both suspension and oil removal. These mechanical oil skimmers consume very less energy, which is to the tune of maximum 350 watts. The construction of tank and skimming mechanism is of SS 304 /316 as per customer needs. These come with Teflon bels and PP Rollers so that there is no effect of corrosive chemicals also. These machines can be run trouble free for all applications, be it shop floor oil or canteen oil. We at Eco-Care have the capability to provide these as per the customer needs and analyzing installation location, do that the solution thus purchased is of great value to our customer. These skimmers have the capacity to skim from 4.5 Liter to 8.5 Liter oil depending upon their size