We specialize in providing need based solution to different organizations in the following fields :

Water/Effluent / Emission /Ambient Air/Stacks/Light/ Meteorological Parameters/ Solid Waste / Noise Testing

Our Laboratory is Certified to ISO 9001:2008 , ISO/IEC 17025:2005(NABL) and recognized by Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board , Jaipur .

We have following testing facilities : 

Industrial Effluent /Sewage testing for all parameters
Drinking Water & Raw Water Testing
Emissions Testing
Ambient Air Testing.
Shop Floor Air Testing for Fugitive Emissions.
Sound Level Testing (Data-logging ,leq , Doze)
Light Intensity Testing (Instant & Data-logging)
Sludge / Solid Waste Testing
Soil Testing for Micro-nutrients
Meteorological parameters
Oil & Waste Oil
Compressed Air

Treatibility /On-Site Studies
Treatibility studies for all types of industrial trade / sewage effluents for alternative methods of treatment.
Trade Effluent Sludge & Solid /Hazardous Waste Quantization & Characterization

Effluent Treatment Plants / Sewage Treatment Plants
Efficacy and adequacy testing of various types of treatment units is done as per our client requirements .

Operation & Maintenance
Operation and maintenance of all types of waste water, water, solid waste and air pollution control equipment is our strength.

This division represents with the following departments on behalf of clients

Ministry of Environment
Pollution Control Board

EIA / Environmental Audits / Water Management Studies

Rapid EIA for setting up of Industrial Units.
Comprehensive EIA/EMP for existing Industries.
Comprehensive EIA for Solid/Hazardous waste site development .
Environmental Auditing for various Industries as per guidelines of EPA, 1986.
Complete water management studies for minimisation of effluents and effective treatment.
Waste ascertainments, classification, handling, disposal