Application of Polypropylene Filter Elements in Industry


Dyestuff, Pigments, intermediates

Chemicals   Basic Chemicals Organic & Inorganic, Phosphoric compounds, Marine Chemicals, Silica , Acitivated Clay, Resins, Starch, Enzymes, Pesticides.
Metallurgy   Nickel, Copper, Zink, Lead, Sliver and Non-ferrous Metals.
Pharmacetuicals   Antibiotics, Syrup, intervenous Solutions, Bulk Drugs and Intermediate.
Ceramics   Kaolin, Clay, Porcelain, Fine Earth and industrial sands, Marbles.
Food & Beverages   Soups & Flavouring Fruit, Cane Juice Edible Oil, Distilleries.
Pollution   Industrial & Municipal waste water, Paper, Leather , Latex, Sewages.
Durable   Long life fan cooled motor, corrosion resistant powder coat finish and sturdy co Construction.

Advantages of “POLYPROPYLENE” Filter Elements

Long Working life  

due to excellent chemical resistance even at high temperatures.

Light  Weight  

makes handling easier and shorten filtration cycle.

Easy Cleaning   of the inert surface which obsorbs less water making easy and quick Product conversion possible.
Excellent sealing   of filter plate pack ensured by accurately machinced surface
Improved product Quality   reached due to pipped drainage to enhance filtration and Washing efficiency.
Single piece Moulding  

prevent the problem of leakage, crack and correosion.

Available in variety of high quality PP materials  

PPH – High molecular polypropylene
2 PPC-High molecular Polypropylene
3 HSPP-Heat stabilized polypropylene
4 Can supply with filed material ie
Glasss fiber mica etc

Standared Ranges On Request

# Special Size & Customized Requirement made available on request

# Frame thickness & Cake thickness in all sizes to suit individual requirements.

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